Saturday, April 4, 2009

Homebirth Books

"Be sure to share your story. There is no shortage of fear-mongering and simply unhelpful advice when it comes to birth. As fathers, we need to make birth a part of the masculine dialogue."

So concludes the new book I just finished tonight called The Father's Home Birth Handbook. The book was published in Scotland and is a nice addition to the information available to fathers-to-be. It was written by a woman, but contains ample quotes from fathers (like the one above) and has a lot of interesting birth stories all written by the fathers. It was a quick read and a good one.

This week I also read Midwifery Today's short book The Heart & Science of Homebirth. This book is a collection of reprinted articles from Midwifery Today, The Birthkit, Birth, and the AIMS Journal. So, I'd read a couple of the articles already, but not all of them.

I've run out of time this week to blog properly, so this quick entry is all I'm going to be able to post!



Sam said...

You're right that "The Father's Home Birth Handbook" is a good read, full of interesting stories. I'm telling all the pregnant mums that I know about the book and I've given it to several fathers-to-be. Spread the word!

Leah Hazard said...

Hi, it's Leah Hazard here, author of The Father's Home Birth Handbook. So glad you enjoyed the book. I hope that it will help more parents and professionals to embrace the idea of home birth as normal and healthy. Thanks for the kind words, x Leah

Molly said...

I look forward to writing a more complete review in the near future. It was a good book!