Saturday, May 16, 2009


I didn't post last week because my power was out as a result of a "derecho" in our area. I did finish reading a fiction book called Prep (thanks, Hope!), by the dim light of my book light while lying on the floor in the dark house. I was oddly entranced by the book, though every time I put it down I would say, "I should just quit reading this, I'm not getting anything out of it." It was about a teenage girl attending boarding school on a scholarship. She is intensely self-conscious and pretty much just spends her time analyzing other people and thinking about herself/her personal issues as well as mooning after a jerky boy she barely knows but loves. This makes the book sound much more shallow than it actually was--it was a very developed book and really intensive as far as angst/emotional content/in-the-character's-head. There was an almost painful authenticity to the narration. A look at what (possibly) goes on inside people's heads, really--"ugly," weird, socially anxious stuff, that you don't see on the surface. Though the book is about teenagers, it was written for adults. I found it kind of depressing overall, but also liked it, so...


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Hope said...

I had many of the same conflicting thoughts about this book (surprise, lol). I kept thinking that I shouldn't like it, shouldn't be reading it, etc. but somehow couldn't tear myself away. I even debated just taking it to the used bookstore instead of bringing it to share because it seemed almost an embarassing book to have like based on the cover and the content.

I think ultimately the harsh honesty in the character is what drew me in. She was hiding from herself in all the angst and I think many people, not just teenagers, do this. Besides, I love a good character study.