Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finishing out 2009

Wanted to finish out 2009 by at least posting a list of the other books I've read this year. If I keep this blog alive at all, it is going to be as just a list/record of what I've read so that I remember :)

I have put most of my "to-blog" stack away, so I'm probably forgetting some, but in recent weeks I've read:
  • Twelve books about miscarriage
  • Pregnant on Prozac (book about antidepressant use during pregnancy, had several major critiques of, reviewed for CAPPA)
  • From Diapers to Dating (a guide to raising sexually healthy children from infancy to middle school, liked it pretty well, good information and suggestions, reviewed for LLL)
  • L'Mazeltov (Jewish childbirth education, reviewed for CAPPA, not impressed with the "do whatever the doctor tells you" conventional attitude)
  • Birth Space, Safe Place (book about emotional well being during pregnancy and birth, enjoyed though didn't learn anything new really, reviewed for CAPPA & CfM)
  • 25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power (book and CD set, inspirational and relaxing, reviewed for CAPPA & CfM)
  • 25 Ways to Joy & Inner Peace for Mothers (book and CD set, nurturing little book for mothers of newborns, reviewed for CAPPA)
  • The Body of the Goddess (about sacred sites around the world as well as about goddess imagery in landscapes and cultures with am emphais on the body, enjoyed pretty well though felt some of the conclusions/theories were a bit of a stretch, delighted and surprised to find it at $1 Shop)
  • Re-read Birthing from Within, my all time favorite birth book. I re-read it to give myself of dose of inspiration as well as prep for the birth art class I'm taking online this month.
  • Mask of Motherhood--this was a re-read from several years ago. I liked it the second time around too and marked a whole bunch of pages that I'm now not going to actually write about. I think a lot of attachment minded mothers would probably not like this book, but I like it anyway.
  • Joyful Birth--I was reading a segment from this each week during my pregnancy and finished it about a week before my miscarriage :(
  • Simply Give Birth--reviewed this for CAPPA and CfM, LOVED it. Super good and highly recommended, one of my favorite books of 2009, more here.
  • The Power of Women--possibly my favorite birth read of 2009. Really excellent. A true treasure. Reviewed for CfM and CAPPA (see CfM review here)
  • Birth Day--just finished reviewing this one for CAPPA. Quick read. Amusing.
  • My Stroke of Insight--book club read for November.
  • Creating Community Change: Making it Happen in the Real World--textbook for my CC class in October. Read it cover to cover like a good teacher. Really a good book. Highly recommended!
  • Chiseled in Sand: Creating Change in Human Service Organizations--textbook I was considering for class, but didn't end up using as a class book.
  • Life Skills for Homeschooled Teenagers--bought for my homeschool co-op Life Skills class in Sept. Have already re-sold, since I won't have homeschooled teenagers of my own for many years!
I was going to get links set up for all these, but I just don't have time, so tralalala!


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