Friday, September 28, 2007

Who Made the Lamb?

Let me begin by saying, I do not really understand why this book was called Who Made the Lamb? Ah, well. Maybe such things are not for me to know. The subtitle is "A Journal of Childbirth" and it was written in the 60's by Charlotte Painter. This book was given away by a fellow midwifery advocate at the recent Retreat, which is how I came to have and read it (I finished it on Monday). I'm also confused why the back of the book claims that the book is an "exploration of natural childbirth," when the author actually has a scheduled cesarean after only minimal and halfhearted attempts to learn about natural childbirth (such as a taking a hospital class in which she quickly realizes that the instructor is really only preparing them to be "good girls" and follow their doctors' orders--classes of the type that I refer to as "hospital obedience classes").

A thoroughly still true and unfortunate truth quoted therein: "Tom [her husband] laughed at this idealism. 'You don't understand,' he said, 'Pregnancy is not regarded as a process of creation. It's a disease of the uterus.'"

How true this is--a disease of the uterus. This is absolutely how the medical system continues to view pregnancy (and birth is the excavation of the disease. This reminds me of our "friendly" neighborhood doctor testifying at the Capitol against the midwifery bill that pregnancy can be viewed as a foreign object in the body and therefore "babies are like tumors that need to be removed").

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