Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Late last month I got and read the fall issue of LEAVEN, LLL's journal for Leaders. I was excited to have an essay of mine published in this issue. It was about an experience I had in the post office nearly 2 years ago now in which an older woman noticed my LLL logo necklace and shared her positive experience with LLL that had happened 32 years ago (as of the very beginning of 2006).

I was particularly excited about this publication, because they asked me if they could publish it. Everything else that I've ever had published anywhere, was something I sent in--this was a first for me to have someone to request permission from me for publication instead!

I also got a recent newsletter from the UMR Psychology Dept. and there was an alumni update in it (in a blue box, no less, LOL!) saying that Z was born at home and also that I'm the FoMM newsletter editor. I sent birth announcements to the Mizzou alumni magazine and to the UMR alumni magazine after he was born saying that he was born at home and they both printed my "born at home" phrasing. I figure why not spread the words "homebirth" or "midwifery" to people who might not ever think about it otherwise! It is a tiny method of birth activism.

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