Saturday, February 23, 2008

Professionalizing Motherhood

From Bookins this week, I received and read Professionalizing Motherhood. This book has an evangelical Christian orientation that was much stronger than I anticipated when reading the description. While I do not mind books that include references to the author's faith perspective, this one was pretty heavy handed and was almost exclusively an evangelical Christian book. I felt like there was more to explore within the book's title concept than just focusing on one specific orientation. The idea behind the book was encouraging stay-at-homes moms to look at what they do as a "career" and "profession" and treat it with respect instead of "I'm just a mom" thinking.

As side notes, there were two good ideas of looking at things (paraphrasing):

People use the phrase "high cost of living" when they really mean "high cost of the way we choose to live.

When deciding what activities, responsibilities, etc. to take on, it isn't a matter of choosing between good and bad, but of choosing between good and best. (I'm working on this!)

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