Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Holistic Moms Network

I wanted to post two quick things about HMN. One is that I was briefly interviewed for an article about alternative Mother's Day celebrations by the Washington Times. That was fun :) For the record, HMN National has written a letter to the editor clarifying that HMN is neither a "new age" or "pagan" organization!

Secondly, I wanted to note how much I LOVE the new HMN cookbook "Growing Healthy Families." I've purchased a large number of copies to give as gifts all the through the year. I had about five recipes published in the cookbook which was also fun and then my sweet little babies are both pictured on the back cover. I love it! This definitely brought the cookbook up high on my gift giving list--grandmas, etc. Not only will they get some great new recipes, but they can also gaze upon the cuteness of their descendants on the back ;-) My only complaint is that it is so pretty, I don't want to get it messed up with flour and stuff while cooking from it! It really is a high quality cookbook with a really nice, high quality cover and nice paper, etc.

My little cutie pies are the top three flower petals (starting with the profile of Z in the far left petal, followed by L twice as a baby) and then the third petal to the right on the bottom of L as a 3 year old (and, yes, I only have two kids, but they are so adorable they got four pictures ;-)

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