Friday, May 23, 2008

Recent Publications

I haven't had a chance to post yet about the recent publications I've had. The most recent was in Compleat Mother--a short little poem about nursing Z. I wrote it in January when he was really sick and we were spending a lot of time lying down and nursing through it. It is called "How to Meditate with a Baby." I also was really proud to have my article "Planning for Postpartum" published in the spring issue of the Journal of API. This would be a good article to use in birth education classes if I do say so myself :)

In March, I had an essay in New Beginnings (LLLI's magazine). This one was primarily about nursing while reading and is called "The Rhythm of Our Lives." Hopefully it will be available online at some point. I also had an article in the CAPPA Quarterly called "Creating Needle Felted Birth Art Sculptures."

Then, finally the spring issue of CfM News (which I edit--so, I guess maybe it doesn't count as a publication since I put it in there myself!) I had my "Small Stone Birth Activism" article as a well as a book review of Birth Book and a book review of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy & Birth.

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