Monday, May 7, 2007

The Birth Project

Last week I read a sample copy of a new zine called The Birth Project. The subtitle is "thoughts on birth"--sounds right up my alley! I read it right away and it was pretty good. I think I may use my birthday money for a subscription, but I'm weighing my options (I would like memberships in BirthWorks & ICEA too). It is put together by several midwives and doulas (I gather). I really enjoyed a Blessingway article as well as one about how parenthood changes your brain--I most definitely feel *expanded* by motherhood. Like I would be a less developed human without the experience of mothering another. I feel stretched and changed and like I have grown a great deal since I had my babies. I also feel that it has been *painful* growth sometimes, but still healthy, good, desirable, growth as well (just sometimes I feel like, "dang, I don't WANT to learn lessons here!") Hmm. Sounds like Birth is actually a microcosom of this experience!

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