Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Inner Wisdom deck

One of my birthday presents was a deck of Inner Wisdom cards by my fave author Wayne Dyer. They were very quick to read through once and now that I've scanned through them all, I can go back as needed and pick an uplifting message whenever I want. There are only 25 cards in the deck. They each have something inspirational and inner peacey on the front and then the idea is developed slightly more on the back. They have strange, funky illustrations all over the cards that are fairly random and don't match (front and back are completely different themes).

I got a lot of wonderful books for birthday presents--I'm so excited by all of them! I have been really sick--it started the night before my birthday on the 3rd and I'm just now feeling close to back to normal. I'm still headachy and sinus cloggy and nasal speeched...Anyway, I spent a lot of time lying down and consequently already read several of my new birthday books (Z cooperated by wanting to lounge and nurse and sleep a lot--he took a four hour nap one day!) I'll find time to write about them over the next couple of days I hope. The day after my birthday I felt so horrible that I didn't actually read at all--my eyes felt like they were hot and burning and so it was better to keep them shut--but after that I read and read and read and read.

Back to the deck, but tying it into being sick: One of the cards that "spoke" to me was, "I release the need to determine how things 'should' be." This goes along with the book about Buddhism that I'm currently reading as well--I cause myself whole heaps of suffering because of persisting in being attached to how something *should* be. I.e. in the case of being sick, "I should be well! I shouldn't be sick on my birthday, " etc., etc. instead of accepting what IS. Life is as it is. It doesn't understand "should" ;-)

Other good ones: "I am a worthwhile human being" (something else to stick on my forehead) and
"What other people think of me is none of my business."

Now, I just have to remember these things. I may have referenced before that I read so many good ideas and try to implement them that sometimes I wonder if I've lost touch with my own inuition or what I really want or how I really feel--I'm always trying to be "perfect" and to do all the good things I read about, I forget how to listen to my own "still, small voice within." So, that's another thing to try to remember to do (and do perfectly) and I'm right back there again, LOL!


Shauna said...

Wow those are some good cards. "What other people think of me is none of my business" is verrry thought provoking.

Molly said...

The back of that one says: "one of the highest places you can get to, is to be independent of the good opinions of other people." I tend to be sort of an "approval junkie," so this is a good reminder for me! It is a tenuous position to be reliant on the approval of others (especially since I tend to make choices that are opposite of mainstream approval!)