Friday, January 11, 2008

Knitted Farmyard!

If you recall, in November I posted about the winter issue of Living Crafts magazine and the glorious knitted farm playmat depicted therein. I also referenced the crafting skills of my lovely and talented mother (who is a capital K, Knitter). I confess to thinking the knitted farmyard was a little out of her range of talent, but lo and behold, what was waiting for my boys on Christmas morning?! This lovely item of beauty and joy forever!
Yes, knitted! And, knitted in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas only. Told you she was a Knitter! (In a sidenote testimony to my mom's powers of Knitting, her warmly knitted socks cured me of the chillblains I used to get on my toes each winter.)

Here are some more detail pix. The garden has little felted carrots! And yes, that is Jabba the Hutt frolicking there in the field...
Speaking of crafts and my talented mama, registrations for Shannondale Craft Camp are in full swing. We think this will be the best year ever!

I know I haven't posted about books recently, but I have been reading a lot and have a pile of to-blog-about reads. However, I also have a baby with the stomach flu and thus not much time for posts requiring thinking/analysis.


Helen said...

I love this mat :) There's a lot of love for your family in there, as well as a lot of work.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have wanted to make this for over a year now. I am more motivated to start. Lots of love involved. Thanks for sharing.