Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Wise Mom

Earlier this month I got HMN's email newsletter The Wise Mom. My member profile was published it it and a little picture of me and my boys (taken by my mom earlier this year in the same location where we had our wedding photos taken 9 years ago).

I also had a letter to the editor in International Doula this month. This was my 50th publication! (If you include letters to the editor and such.) Anyway, there was a good article in this issue by Lu Hanessian called "Don't Hurry, Be Happy." In it she asked, "Do you think your kids would describe you as a happy person?" She specifies not when you are chatting with your friends, or doing your work, or talking with caregivers or grocery store clerks, "I mean day-to-day, do we behave as happy people around our children?" So, I asked L what he thinks and he said that I'm definitely happy. I then reviewed many other adults and kids that we know asking if he thinks each is happy. Except for 5 of the kids I mentioned, he identified everyone else as happy people.

I wrote more about two helpful handouts from Childbirth Connection on the CfM blog, so I won't repeat myself much here except to say I'm delighted that Childbirth Connection has made available free pdfs of the most excellent Mothering magazine article Cesarean Birth in a Culture of Fear and also a really useful handout by Penny Simkin called Comfort in Labor.

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Michelle said...

Good picture of you and the boys, and neat that it was taken at the same place as your wedding pictures.