Saturday, January 26, 2008

Knitting Under the Influence

My mom lent me another one of her knitting books and I gobbled it up today. I like a nice dose of fiction after a lot of nonfiction reads. Like dessert :) Knitting Under the Influence was lightweight and kind of trashy almost, but I had fun reading it. It was about three single women who have a knitting circle each Sunday morning wherein they share their love life woes, etc. In the end, they all end up happily paired off with their perfect matches, who are, of course, the guys who did NOT seem well suited to them in the beginning of the book and *surprise* they fell in love. Each was v. predictable, but still like, "yay! I knew she would love him eventually!" There wasn't as much knitting as I expected either, though each section of the book had a knitting title like, "Yarn Over" for the final section.

I also stumbled a bit on the therapist character's various "treatment" techniques for working with children with autism. They basically seemed to involved making the kids cry a lot and so I didn't think those parts of the book sounded genuine. Then, I read the author's note at the end and she has a son with autism and actually co-wrote a book called Overcoming Autism. So....methinks all the crying in order to "train" the kids to have "good behavior" was based in real life after all...

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