Thursday, March 6, 2008

Zen Quotes

"To the right, books; to the left, a teacup.
In front of me, the fireplace...
There is no greater happiness than this."


From my $1 Shop Zen calendar yesterday morning. Except for the fireplace bit, how right for me! (and, though I don't have a fireplace, I do have a lovely outdoor wood burning furnace installed by my dear husband in January that keeps our house toasty warm now, instead of barely tolerable. I'm so glad to have him!)

And from the day before, another good one:

"Live in love
And do your work;
Make amends of your sorrows;
For just as the jasmine
Releases and lets fall
Its withered flowers,
Let fall willfulness and hatred."

--The Dhammapada

I like this one too except for I think some willfulness in life isn't necessarily a bad thing!

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