Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happiness is a Choice

I needed this quote today (I read it in an article, I haven't ever read the book it is from, Happiness is a Choice, but maybe I should):

"No single energy can be more impactful on this planet than the joy and well-being emanating from one truly happy and loving person."

I try to be mindful of the kind of energy emanating from me and sometimes it gets dragged down into feeling ineffective and pessimistic (also, often not. I have a lot of enthusiasm and passion and joy of life! :) I'd like to stay primarily on the joy and well-being emanation side rather than the discouraged and critical side, which is where I felt myself being today!)

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Allison said...

I like the title! It's true you can either choose to be happy or not. I know my better days are when I'm happy. I do find it hard when nobody or should I say children seem like they are listening to be happy.