Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Blue Cotton Gown

My favorite book this week was the midwifery memoir The Blue Cotton Gown. The author is a CNM who practices with her OB-GYN husband (a women's health practice, not births). It was really sad in parts--lots of stories about clients' lives and some of them were pretty complicated. I wrote a full review on CfM.

I've also been reading old issues of the International Journal of Childbirth Education. I wrote a post with some quotes about that at ICEA.

I got the BirthWorks journal this week as well and was surprised to find my Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy & Birth review published in it. I'd forgotten about sending it to them!

This is a really insubstantial post, but it is all I can manage today (and possibly until next week!)



Mimi said...

I just read a review of this book and put it on my Wish List. I can't wait until I get a copy.

Molly said...

You'll definitely like it! Did you read Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart?