Friday, August 10, 2007

Confessions of the Other Mother

Before we left for our trip, I read Confessions of the Other Mother for the HMN review committee. The subtitle of the book is "nonbiological lesbian moms tell all!" It was an interesting book. One, I love all momoirs, regardless of how much or how little I relate to the mothers therein. Two, it was subject material I've never really read about or considered before. However, it definitely wasn't a "match" with HMN. The mothers weren't particularly "holistically" minded and some of the stories had very non-holistic elements (insomuch as you can pack "holistic" into a box, which you really can't since it is so broad--so, maybe I should say, it didn't seem holistic to me. And, since I was the reviewer, I could make that call!). Anyway, my horizons were broadened by reading it. What tricky dynamics to navigate--personally, socially, culturally, and politically.

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