Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Creating a Cooperative Learning Center

Yesterday I finished reading Creating a Cooperative Learning Center. This was an interesting book, though not quite what it was described to be--it seemed like it was going to be about starting your own center, but it was really more like an exploration of the learning center she founded and how it has evolved and is currently working. There were random quotes from people involved with TALC in her book, but they all seemed sort of pessimistic really and I'm not sure why she included them--I didn't think they helped the book much. Anyway, reading it did make me excited about someday creating a learning center/resource center in our area. I appreciated a point she made that it doesn't need to be a HUGE group--theirs started with three families. That means our playgroup is off to a roaring start! I also felt like with the addition of like one or two more activities per week, our homeschool could become a learning center...

Speaking of playgroup, I actually borrowed this book from one of my playgroup friends ages ago and have just now gotten around to reading it (though once I started, I read it in two evenings). She is probably wondering if I "cooperatively" made off with her book! Seriously, I borrowed it quite a long time ago.

I have read many, many things lately and need to get caught up here after having returned from the LLLI conference in Chicago recently. I have many items on my to-do list though and blogging is not even ON the list, LOL! I may just make a quick list and move on from there. I'll think about it.

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