Friday, August 31, 2007

Who Let the Blogs Out?

I also read Who Let the Blogs Out this week. I bought it at a book sale and it wasn't sellable. Since I'm still new to blogging, I decided to keep it and see if I'd learn anything. It was a really quick read. A little bit excessively self-referential. Things I learned from it were to try to keep my blog posts short (Hah! Mine are getting longer and longer!) and also that you should try to post at least once a day. I fail here also, because I only blog on Fridays (but sometimes copiously on Fridays, LOL!) Other interesting bits were about "the power of weak connections" (i.e. your friend's brother's boss is more likely to help you get a job than your actual friend is--because the pool of "new" people becomes so different the weaker your connection to the person grows, thus the weak link is actually really strong. I see this with LLL--you can make nationwide connections that may have little to nothing to do actually with LLL, but have at their root a connection as Leaders or LLL members). Also about "aggregate traffic animals" wherein cars on the interstate actually act as a unified organism or "worm" skirting around dangers, speeding up and slowing down in unison, etc.

The author also expressed the idea that when you write a blog you are creating a body of work, a life's work. That sure sounds nicer and more meaningful than "wasting time blogging," LOL! Gave me a new perspective on this new little hobby of mine, which I have considered dumping because it is just "wasting time."

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