Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Midwifery Today & Mothering

This weekend I also finished reading my long-awaited first subscription copy of Midwifery Today. It was great. The theme was "meconium," which I confess is not one of my top midwifery-related interests, but the issue was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I still think about the possibility of midwifery in my future life path, despite my realizations after reading A Book for Midwives after Christmas (I've yet to blog about that--is it weird that I read faster than I am able to keep up with in my blog?). In case anyone was curious, A Book for Midwives is also available for FREE download at www.hesperian.org. I also read Mothering magazine's 20th anniversary issue (1976-1996--I got it from a playgroup friend at a giveaway) and re-read articles from two more issues--one about birth activism, one about alternative schools, and one of my favorites: "The Good-Enough Parent" (I needed a reminder that I'm okay!).

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