Monday, January 1, 2007

The Yoga Mamas

Happy New Year! I rang it in by reading The Yoga Mamas
We had a nice family New Year's Eve celebration and I was feeling energetic afterwards, even though it was late. So, I started reading the book that my mom had picked up from the library for me. I started it shortly after midnight and then finished it at 2:00a.m. I'm insane--why did I stay up reading it? Because...I have no self control with fiction, that's why! I gobble it up and have no self restraint. The book wasn't even *that* fabulous! It was funny and kind of cute and also made me miss my daily yoga routine (my New Year's resolution is to start it up again). It was very lightweight though and forgettable. Five women living in Manhattan meet in prenatal yoga class and become bosom buddies. The childbirth educator in me was annoyed at the birth experiences portrayed--off *course* the one who planned a homebirth with a midwife ended up with a three day labor and a c-section. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but the subtext I see there is that women who dare to be so "risky" as to choose "natural childbirth" get punished! Anyway, I have more thoughts, but no time to share them!

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Cathie said...

A friend of mine had a very long home labor (positional problem) that resulted in a C-Section. She still had the next 3 at home, and coached me through my VBAC.