Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Radical Simplicity

This morning I finished reading Radical Simplicity. I have mixed feelings about the book. Maybe I didn't read it closely enough, but I feel like I kind of missed some of the point of the book--he gets bogged down with a lot of calculations (to figure ecological footprint) and I think it is a turnoff. Anyone casually picking up the book will think, "I can't do that, it's too much work!" and thus his message is lost. His message was lost on me a bit and I'm pretty radical :-) On the other hand, a lot of his ideas are very TRUE and kind of a wake up call. I like his global living perspective and the analogy of being first in line at a global buffet and deciding how much to take (including how much clean air, water, etc.) and how much to leave for the 6 billion people behind you in line. The book does make you take a hard look at your choices, but I'm not sure how much impetus for change it actually produces.

I'm looking forward to talking about parts of this book next month with the simple living circle that I'm forming with some friends from homeschool group.

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