Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nothings Too Small to Make a Difference

Yesterday, I finished reading Nothings Too Small to Make a Difference by Wanda Urbanska & Frank Levering. It was pretty good, though nothing really new to comment on. Their tone is very similar to the Simple Living TV show--kind of lightweight and punny (but still good!) I liked their suggestion to have an instant savings plan by keeping all your change each month in a jar and then putting into a savings account at the end of the month (you don't spend any of your change, just always add it to the jar). We save money in other, better ways too, but I thought the change jar was a nice supplemental idea.

I'm currently reading Radical Simplicity which is pretty much the opposite of Nothings Too Small--the message is pretty much that you need to make some pretty MAJOR changes and ASAP or the world is going down the tubes. :( Nothings Too Small certainly presents a merrier picture, but I see a lot of (humbling) truth from Radical Simplicity also.

Last night I read the newest International Doula that arrived yesterday afternoon. It is the publication of DONA which is a doula organization I belong to. I really think their publication is the best of all of the childbirth organizations I belong to (though my heart/loyalty is with ALACE!)

Got another issue of Marie Claire today and read it against my better judgment--it is like watching crappy TV shows and not being able to resist the "intrigue."

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