Saturday, April 7, 2007

Nurturing Spirituality in Children

Yesterday I finished reading Nurturing Spirituality in Children. I got it from It wasn't really a "to read" book--more of an open-up-and-find-an-idea book, so I ended up skimming it by the end. It had some really good ideas. Each "lesson" used normal, household objects to make a spiritual point (i.e. blown up and then deflated balloons for talking about the spirit in the body) and was followed by an affirmation to use in daily life. My critique is that most of the lessons seemed identical, just with a different illustration--though there were 50 lessons, there were only about 3 actual concepts (it seemed): "What's inside matters more than what is outside," "be kind to others--like attracts like," "we are more than physical beings." So, in that sense, it could have been a little booklet explaining each concept and then just a list of different ways to explore them!

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