Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Talking to a Battered Woman, etc.

A few months ago, I made the decision to convert the three short books I wrote into pdfs and make them available on my website as free "ebooks" (I also still have professionally printed copies available, but I felt like having them available as pdfs would help me share with with many more people than just whoever manages to stumble across them at Amazon)! Anyway, Talking to a Battered Woman, Talking to Someone Whose Child is Dying, and A Quick Guide to Successful Volunteering are now all available on my own site. Actually, they are not strictly ebooks--rather they are printer-ready pdfs. They can't actually be read on screen, but have to be printed out (double sided) in order to have them be in a readable order (this is because of the way they are originally laid out in the publishing program). To request a pdf of any or all of the books, visit my website.

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