Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your Three Year Old

This afternoon I finished reading Your Three Year Old. It is an older book (1976) that I recently got from Bookins after trying to "win" it on ebay several times (in a lot with the other Your X Year Old...books). The subtitle is "Friend of Enemy" which is somewhat apt. I have found three to be a difficult age with L (also has really good attributes as well--increased competence, funny conversations...*real* conversations, more creative play, playing interactively with other children, etc.) Anyway, though some of it was dated, a lot of it was relevant and helpful. Having Z has definitely made L seem so much older and I forget that he is NOT a "miniature adult" and I need to remember not to treat him like one and become exasperated when he doesn't respond the way I want him to! I will plan to read other books in this series as the time arises (I found Your One Year Old, Your Six Year Old, and Your 10-14 Year Old at the JC book sale, so that is cool :)

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