Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And Never Stop Dancing!

I sold a book from the JC sale today and glanced through it as I was packing it up, only to discover that I actually wanted to read it! Oops! So, I sat down with it and read it as quickly as possible and did end up finishing it, though probably with less retention than usual. It was called And Never Stop Dancing! It was a bit on the "downer" side, really, despite it's uplifting jacket copy. He had kind of a pessimistic outlook, which is different than what I've come to expect from self-help style books (technically, this wasn't really self-help--just a "lessons I've learned from living" type of deal). His final thought (the book has "30 True Things") is "most people die with their music still in them." This is one of my major fears! I've lamented more than once that I'm worried about dying with my music still in me. I do not feel like I'm currently expressing my "music" (and I do know the feeling of being "on purpose" and sharing my music, so it is challenging to not be feeling the flow now--I know what I'm missing, but not quite sure how to get it back :(

The person who bought it lives in St. Louis, so it should get to her quickly, even with the delay in my having quickly read it first!

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