Friday, March 16, 2007

Book Sale!

Spent 3 hours at a book sale in Jefferson City last night. It was huge and really busy. We spent $240, which is about $200 more than we usually spend at a sale (they raised their prices pretty significantly this year and I didn't want to have traveled all that way for nothing!) We got 163 books, so the average was $1.47 per book, which isn't awful, but isn't eleven cents either (which is what we averaged last year at box day). There was a lots of competition from other book sellers (most with little scanners--I felt at a definite disadvantage because we don't have one of those yet!). I've only gotten part way through one of the boxes and not hitting a lot of good resale books yet :-( I hope we didn't waste our money! At least we found a LOT of books that we want to read personally (or, want to read if we can't sell them, that is!). I also found several books that I want to keep just because I actually want them--I found two from my Amazon wish list, a couple of old birth books, and a couple of old breastfeeding books (I kind of have an inadvertent collection of old birth and breastfeeding books going on...)

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