Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Simple Life

This morning I finished reading The Simple Life. It was a collection of essays by various simple living/frugality writers--"thoughts on simplicity, frugality, and living well. It is kind of on the "old" side and so some of the essays are by authors that I'm not familiar with now--also, many of their newsletters and such (which sound great and interesting!) don't seem to be in print any more, which is too bad because I want to subscribe to some of them. Maybe it is time for one of my own...

The book is an interesting collection ranging in topic from Dumpster Diving to vegetarian cooking/animal rights to investing to financial independence (with Your Money or Your Life excerpt) to living cheaply in college to coupon clipping strategies. So, things to appeal to various tastes and interests, but kind of lacking unification--so, you get into the whole Dumpster Diving thing and then are abruptly shifted to an investment approach.

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