Friday, March 30, 2007

New Beginnings

Speaking of LLL and New Beginnings (in my previous post), in the November/December issue of New Beginnings I was thrilled to have an essay I wrote published in the "Mother's Stories" section. They also published the picture I sent of me lying down nursing L. The essay was about the challenges we went through with oversupply. I keep thinking of additional essays to contribute, but getting around to writing them is the tricky part. I was also excited to continue my "fame" by having my "Mother's Response" to an oversupply question published in the January/February issue (two publications in a row, yay!). The most current issue had my donation and tribute in the donation section and also acknowledgment of a donation made to LLLI in my honor by my mom :-) That was fun too, but not as fun as items I actually submitted for publication!

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