Monday, March 26, 2007

The Bodacious Book of Succulence

Also from the JC book sale, last week I read in about one hour The Bodacious Book of Succulence
by SARK. I've seen SARK books and posters before, but this was first book of hers I've actually read. It was interesting, inspiring, cute, and creative. I want to live a Succulent Wild Life! Of course, after I finished reading it, I then move right on to the next book and forget to pause and try to implement what I've recently learned. Recently, I have been pondering my attraction to self-help books--I think I honestly think that if I just read the right book and did the RIGHT thing, I would finally be PERFECT!!!! I also wonder if all the reading I do mutes my own intuition--how can I know what I truly feel and believe, if the words of 5 dozen self-help authors are chasing around inside my brain and each making the "most sense"? (I feel similarly about parenting books--I try so hard to parent the "right" way and wonder if I've lost touch with my own sense of what the right way is, by always reading and trying to incorporate other people's right ways...?)

I like the way this book emphasizes that you are succulent right NOW--you don't have to do anything (of course, I still get the "do something and you'll finally be wonderful" message anyway!). Near the end, she says, "We are succulent with our shredded fantasies, our unread books, our misguided perfectionism, our hiding in bed eating rows of cookies, or neurotically running to and away from things. We are succulent just like this. Just the way we are NOW!...." Of course, this is all in her delightful, handwritten prose that does not jump off the computer screen and way it does off of her pages.

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