Monday, March 26, 2007

Real Moms

Another recent arrival from Bookins, Real Moms: Exploding the Myths of Motherhood. It is published by MOPS & so has associated Christian underpinnings/Bible verses, etc. Anyway, even though it isn't a book I expected to identify with that much, I actually really enjoyed it quite a lot. It explored a series of mothering myths & I identified with a LOT of them & it was reassuring and helpful to have a dose of, "I'm not the only one." I needed it and the book came at just the right time. I also found the book to be overall positive in tone (not whiny!), while also acknowledging the less-rosy elements of mothering (but not getting bogged down in negativity, while still addressing the "darker" side, still leaving you with a positive outlook). It was also fairly funny, which is a bonus--not angsty at all (also, commensurately, not v. deep or intellectual either!)

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